1. Can I eat this pot noodle with a spoon?

2. What day is it?

3. I wish that guy would stop snoring.

4. I hope there are some English speakers on my tour.

5. Can I use shampoo to wash my clothes?

6. I wonder where the free wifi is?

7. I wish I could find a wall socket.

8. I should probably have a shower.

9. 2:00pm. Time for a nap.

10. I'd rather take the 15 hour, overnight bus than pay for a flight.

11. Where is my passport?

12. Are flip flops ok to wear in here?

13. Where the hell am I?

14. I miss home.

15. I never want to go home.

16. I wonder which country I'll go to next?

17. I wonder what I'll do today. Or tomorrow. Or the next day.

18. What's the cheapest food special on tonight?

19. That will make a good photo.

20. I'm really putting on weight. Ah well.

21. What is the cheapest way to get to ____?

22. I don't like selfie sticks but one would really come in handy right now.

23. This place is absolute paradise!

24. This place looks like a horror movie set.

25. I wonder where he/she is from?

26. I should probably learn the guitar.

27. Surely I can go another day without washing my hair?

28. I should probably learn another language.

29. Does he know I don't understand a word he's saying?

30. I wonder if I can stay here and find a job?

31. I wish the bunk bed would stop squeaking.

32. I wonder if my travel insurance will cover it?

33. I have a tan!

34. How do I know that person?

35. When I get home I'm definitely going to see more of my own country.

36. How the hell did I get here?

37. Where has my hotel gone?

38. I need a home cooked meal.

39. I can't wait to have a bath.

40. I need to take a photo of that.

41. I was not expecting this weather.

42. I should really update my travel blog.

43. I should really get some exercise.

44. I wonder what I'm eating?

45. Is my bag still there?

46. I wonder if there are any cheap hairdressers around?

47. What am I doing with my life?

48. That was by far the best experience of my life!

49. Umm... this is not my room.