Place a gallery in any module on your site, using this module add-on for RC Gallery.

Download for Joomla! 3 or 4

module add-on


Free your galleries

Free your galleries from the confines of your articles. Now you can easily place them in any module on your site.

It Just Works

Just choose the folder where your images are stored, the module position, and which pages you'd like it to show on, and you're done.

Fully Documented

As with all my extensions, this add-on is fully documented. You can find full instructions in the RC Gallery manual.


I'll help out where I can, and do my best to fix bugs if you tell me about them. If you do have any issues or questions, please get in touch.

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Below is the gallery module, placed in the "Footer" module position on this page. Note that the gallery will automatically scale to the size of the module you place it in, so although here it's a large gallery, in a smaller space, the images will scale down to fit.