A story about two furry friends, and the mysterious energy that binds them together. On their platforming-puzzle adventure, they discover that together they can overcome any obstacle.

While out playing, our protagonists fall down a hole, and discover a strange underground place. Play the complete story with a friend or on your own, and help the two friends on their journey home, that will see them rely on each other more than ever.

In Development

Together is a passion project, which I work on in my spare time. I want to create a game that promotes togetherness, and rewards good teamwork, while still being playable in single player. Because of that, the full game is playable with either 1 or 2 players, and the second player can join or leave at any time.

Screenshots uploaded so far are form the middle section of the game which is currently closest to being art-ready.

Together is a work in progress, and all artwork, levels and mechanics are subject to change.

Release date and platforms TBC.