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It's recommended that you install the editor button add-on to go with the gallery plugin (it's the most popular add-on with good reason), as it makes adding galleries to articles extremely easy, however it will work fine without it, and the documentation provides guidance for use both with and without the add-on.

RC Gallery
Version 4.5.6

RC Gallery is a completely free, easy to use, fixed-width gallery plugin for Joomla.

You may find that the pro bundle works better for your needs, or you can buy any of the add-ons in the pro bundle individually.

Buying the pro version (or any of the individual add-ons) pays the hosting costs for this site, as well as my time developing new features, fixes etc.

Download Pro

If you don't want to buy anything, but do want to use the free gallery, please consider leaving a glowing review on the JED. This is the best way to support development of the gallery without spending any money.

RC Gallery Editor Button Add-on
Version 5.2.3

Makes it extremely easy for your site's authors (or you!) to add galleries to articles. You can read more about this addon here.

This is the add-on that most people go for.

Choose how long you'd like to be able to receive updates for below.

RC Gallery User Manual
Version 4.5.X

Full documentation for RC Gallery, and all of the add-ons.

RC Gallery Social Add-on
Version 1.0.2

Add share buttons to the shadowbox, to allow your visitors to share directly to social networks. You can read more about this addon here.

Choose how long you'd like to be able to receive updates for below.

RC Gallery Module Add-on
Version 1.1.0

Allows the placement of a gallery in any module position. Works in conjunction with the FREE RC Gallery plugin.

RC Gallery Layouts Add-on
Version 1.1.1

Beautiful, well built and customisable layouts for use with RC Gallery.

You can contact me if you need support. If you find these useful, please consider leaving a positive review on the Joomla Extension Directory. Thanks!

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