Support is provided only to paying customers, until the support period paid for expires. If you aren't a paying customer, and have a general question that's answered in the documentation, I probably won't reply. This isn't because I'm lazy or uncaring, it's just that I receive far too many questions that are either answered in the documentation or easily worked out by just trying things out. I just don't have time to reply to all of them.

Additionally, I am not runing a general technical support service - please don't ask me to debug your site for you.

How to get support

Step 1: Check the documentation:

The answers to the majority of questions I receive are already in the documentation. Please check there first. This will save both you and me time.


Step 2: Use the issue tracker on GitHub

Check the issues on GitHub. Hopefully somebody's already raised your issue and you can find the answer there.

If someone hasn't raised a relevant issue, please raise one there by clicking "New issue".

I've chosen to use this as the primary means for support because it enables others to benefit from questions I've already answered, saving everybody time.

Issue Tracker

Step 3: Contact me

If the above steps haven't helped, and you need help with something you've paid for, you can get in touch using the form below.

Note that I will probably take a few days to reply - this isn't my full time job, and I have work and a family to put first.