Layouts Add-on for RC Justified Gallery - Download

Beautiful, well built and customisable layouts for use with RC Justified Gallery.

You can also buy a discounted bundle of all the add-ons here.

Please note before buying

Unlike the rest of my extensions, these layouts use some of the latest CSS and JS, and as such do not 100% support Internet Explorer 11. A tiny fraction of a percent of all the traffic to my site comes from Internet Explorer users, and I'm pretty sure most (if not all) of that is just me testing things. Because of that, I don't spend much time thinking about IE these days. All of these layouts are fully tested in all modern mobile and desktop browsers.

If you're in any doubt, please check out the demos in IE before making your purchase.

If you'd like a version of this extension that works better in IE, please let me know.

Version 1.1.1

You can contact me if you need support. If you find my extensions useful, please consider leaving a positive review on the Joomla Extension Directory. Thanks!

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