A story about two furry friends, and the mysterious energy that binds them together. On their platforming-puzzle adventure, they discover that together they can overcome any obstacle.

While out playing, our protagonists fall down a hole, and discover a strange underground place. Play the complete story with a friend or on your own, and help the two friends on their journey home, that will see them rely on each other more than ever.

Release date and platforms TBC.



Together is a passion project, which I work on in my spare time. I want to create a game that promotes togetherness, and rewards good teamwork, while still being playable in single player. Because of that, the full game is playable with either 1 or 2 players, and the second player can join or leave at any time.

Screenshots uploaded so far are form the middle section of the game which is currently closest to being art-ready.

Together is a work in progress, and all artwork, levels and mechanics are subject to change. I don't yet have a planned release date, but it will be 2019 at the earliest.

In Outbreak, you will guide the spread of an aggressive virus, which attacks the host's cells, and turns them into copies of itself. Those copies then aid the spread, until all the host cells are gone. However, the host's immune system will present you with many problems, like forcefields which kill off all but the pure original virus cell, and fighter cells, which will patrol and kill virus cells on sight. You must use all your cunning and skill if you are to win.

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I released a beta of Outbreak on the Google Play store around December 2016. At that point I felt that although I was happy with the game, it probably wasn't worth taking any further. The beta is still available, so feel free to give it a go!


No Way Out was my entry for Asylum Jam 2016, a 48hr jam with the goal being to make a horror game, sticking to the following rule: "You should not use asylums, psychiatric institutes, medical professionals or violent / antipathic / ’insane’ patients as settings or triggers." You can read more about the jam over on the Asylum Jam site.

You can also get the game for free on Game Jolt. It runs on Windows or Mac, and you can either use your mouse/keyboard, or a controller - I only had time in the 48hrs to test with wired PS4 and XBox 360 controllers, so sorry if it doesn't work with your setup.

The game placed 6th Overall, and 4th for "Scare Factor".

My first go at developing a game. Full details about the game itself are at toiletboy.co.uk, and you can download it now for free on Google Play for your Android phone or tablet.

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No game release would be complete without a trailer! Again, only having my low-powered laptop with me, I didn't really want to try dealing with any serious video editing software, so I put the trailer together in Windows Movie Maker, which actually turned out to be pretty intuitive software.