Where are all the women?! Seriously?! I must have slept in all these "mixed-sex" dorms with at least sixty different men by now. And do you know how many women have chosen to join these dorms? Two. Just two. What. The. Hell.

It's been two months now. It's half eleven at night, and our three newest roomies have just arrived. And guess what? THEY ALL HAVE DEEP VOICES AND STUBBLE! I never thought I'd miss female company, not being that girly myself, but I'd so love to borrow some nail polish for my toenails, and to know where to buy chocolate in Asia that won't break the bank. I want some genuine sympathy for breaking the same toe for a second time. I want to know what other women do when they're in a dorm full of men and need to get changed, or just need a cry without anyone worrying there's something seriously wrong. Because c'mon ladies, we all do it sometimes. But how?? GAAARRGGHHHHHH!!!!! Every single time someone checks out of the dorm, I feel a little glimmer of hope. But that glimmer has just been pee'd on yet again, and I'm upset. The next female that does end up in a dorm with me is gonna feel so smothered. I know there are other girls elsewhere in the hostel, I do know that. But it's just not the same. 

Rant over, thanks for listening. There'll be a slightly less moany update soon, I'm sure.

P.S. I wrote this last night, but couldn't post it at the time due to crappy internet. Since then a new guy has checked into our dorm, and actually said out loud, "ah, we have a girl in here". Case and point.