My first go at developing a game. Full details about the game itself are at, and you can download it now for free on Google Play for your Android phone or tablet.

Toilet Boy Get it on Google Play

Technologies Used

Toilet Boy was primarily developed in Unity3D, using Monodevelop to write the C# code. I switched to Visual Studio when the latest version of Unity came bundled with that though, because I really wasn't a fan of Monodevelop.

For the artwork (about which I make no claims regarding quality - I'm not an artist!) I used Adobe Illustrator initially, then opened each asset in Adobe Photoshop, to apply some filters to give everything a bit more of a jagged look.

Audio was a bit of an issue. I was travelling while working on the game, and so didn't have any of my equipment with me, and my music software was only installed on my desktop at home. I got the sounds from various free SFX sites (full credits can be found in the game). I did manage to do the music for the trailer myself, using some free samples for the inception trailer-style orchestra hits, and some free MIDI software I found online (I forget what it was called, as I gave up on it pretty quickly - it just wasn't capable enough for me). For the music for the game, I used something a friend had but wasn't going to use. It's not the best fit for the game, but then it was never meant to be. Maybe I'll put my own soundtrack together when I get home.


No game release would be complete without a trailer! Again, only having my low-powered laptop with me, I didn't really want to try dealing with any serious video editing software, so I put the trailer together in Windows Movie Maker, which actually turned out to be pretty intuitive software.