Was set the challenge of taking a long exposure water photo, so here it is...

Went out to test my new lens...

Ben's idea. I set the camera up. Paul took the photo. Gareth kept the car steady. Collaborative photography!


Quick shot on Newquay beach. Abby was kind enough to sit still for a bit while I played around with getting her backlit nicely.

I took a picture of a flower at the Eden Project. Yup.

I've put this site together for a few reasons:

  • I'm going on a gap year with Abby next year, and I want somewhere to document what happens.
  • I've gotten into photography, and quite fancy a way of sharing my photos in a way that I think is cool.
  • I love building websites, and I thought I'd use this chance to put my animation skills to the test. (There are CSS transitions everywhere, and a bit of jQuery).

Been doing a bit of planning for our upcoming gap year, and yes, that did involve a map and some pins...