RC Share Bar is a lightweight plugin for adding social share buttons to your articles.

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RC Share Bar



RC Share Bar makes use of CSS3 transitions for a simple, modern and elegant feel that works well in any template.

Easy to Use

As with all my plugins, RC Share Bar is very simple to use. You can just install it and leave it, or customise using the various plugin options.

Image Preloading

Images are preloaded when the page loads, so to give really smooth hover animations.

Delightful Animations

An animated and colourful central icon draws your visitors attention to the share icons, making them more likely to share your articles. For now there's just the heart, but future versions will offer more options.


RC Share Bar doesn't load all the usual social APIs or libraries you get along with share buttons, just a tiny bit of HTML and a few small images, so it loads faster, and your visitors aren't tracked by the social networks, like they would otherwise be.


If you do have any issues or questions, or if you'd like to suggest a new feature, please get in touch.


Here it is, at the bottom of this article. Try hovering over the icons, and clicking them. Remember that the animated heart icon in the middle is purely optional, but I think it's a nice touch!